ITIL v3 Foundation - Preparation advices & exam tips

ITIL framework has emerged over the years, latest version is v3 since year 2011. I consider it best suited for IT departments in big enterprises (Having IT staff 100+).

I'm not recommending this certification for fresh graduates. I think it is best suited for IT staff with at least 1 year experience working in IT department in an enterprise in-order to understand why you need all of this. Coming from small Software or vendor is not recommended.

Following is sharing my experience in certifying ITIL v3 foundation (Just passed the exam today), it might not be the best, but it achieved the target :)

Preparation advices:
  • I recommend taking a course with good instructor. If you don't want to pay money for the course especially the exam doesn't require this, you can watch Youtube introductory training material; I recommend this ITIL playlist. There is also very good online free course for ITIL foundation here.
  • Schedule the exam after 3 - 7 days maximum of finishing your training course.
  • Knowing the definition & terminology is very important in ITIL (Represents 15 - 20% of the questions).
  • Exam is easy in general & passing score is 65%, but require knowing the syllabus, topics, terminology used in ITIL, and how they interrelate.
  • Don't enter exam without answering as much questions you can.
  • Answer questions based on ITIL concepts not based on your work experience.

Exam advices:
  • Time is enough for answering having in mind that only 1 answer is valid (1.5 mins per question), rule of elimination incorrect answer is best used practice.
  • Answer straight forward questions first, and don't waste time for hard questions just mark them for review.

Free exams:
How to schedule exam:
You should have Prometric login or register for a new one.
  1. After sign in; in the "Client and program selection", select "EXIN" in "Client" section, and "EXIN (EX0, EX1)" in "Program" section. Click "Next".
  2. Read important information from EXIN, and click "Next".
  3. In "Exam" section, select "EX0-001 - ITIL Foundation (syllabus 2011)", in "Language" section, select "U.S. ENGLISH", in the currencies, select "USD", you will find the net price updated to 215 USD. Click "Next".
  4. In "AVAILABLE TEST SITES", click "Schedule Appointment" next to the exam center you would like to take your test in, and select date and time for exam, click "Next".
  5. In "PAYMENT INFORMATION" screen, type your email, birthday, training provider if any, complete billing information, and click "Commit Registration".
  6. You will get "THANK YOU FOR REGISTERING WITH PROMETRIC", and you will receive email confirming the date.
Getting your certificate:
    After 1 business day, you will receive an email asking for confirming your details in EXIN candidate portal, and another business day for receiving your portal credentials where you can download a softcopy of the certificate; hard copy of your certificate will be issues and emails using standard mail after 2 days of confirming your credentials.

    Hope this help someone.

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