Samsung TV and media with Arabic subtitle

If you are having Samsung TV that supports playing media, and you have movie with Arabic subtitle you can't see correctly; follow the following steps:

First change the TV language to Arabic so wordings can start appearing from right to left, using the following steps:
  1. On the  remote, click "Menu" button.
  2. Click down till you reach "Setup" menu, click "Enter" (Button with box and input arrow in the remote) to enter this menu item.
  3. Select "Language", and click "Arabic" or "العربية", you will recognize the setup menu is showing now from right not left.

Second while playing the movie, you need to select "Arabic" encoding, using the following steps:
  1. After clicking "Media.P" button, select "Movie" or "الفيديو".
  2. Navigate to select a movie you would like to play (I'm assuming you have already srt file with the same movie name but with .srt extension).
  3. Play the movie, and click "Tools" button on remote.
  4. Navigate down till you reach "Subtitle setting" or "اعداد الترجمة", and click "Enter" (Button with box and input arrow in the remote).
  5. Navigate down to "Encoding" or "ترميز" , and click "Enter" (Button with box and input arrow in the remote).
  6. Select "Arabic"  or "العربية".

Now you will be able to view Arabic sub-title on your Samsung TV.


  1. Thank you so much, really it helped alot ;* :D

    1. Hi Ashraf my samsung tv is ua46d8000 not supporting arabic lang .also no update .what to do pls help thanks

    2. Really thank you, this was very simple and useful solution :)

  2. Many Thanks ! I can't tell you how long i was looking for a solution for this issue .
    It helps to know that it works for other tv brands too . Finally , all my tvs support arabic subtitles

  3. it wouldn't work for samsung smart tv ue46es5500.. the only available language is french
    i couldn't play movies with arabic subtitles !

  4. Thank you very much for this tip, it worked fine with me but you don't have to change the TV language to Arabic
    i used it with English menu and it worked

  5. that was helpful
    Thank you very much

  6. i dont have arabic language on my tv samsung ue40es5500wxxh what i do the subtitle keep appearing from right to left,

    1. Same with my UA55JU6000. The encoding does not fix it. For instance:

  7. Me too same no arabic on my Samsung tv what shall i do how to add arabic. Thanks

    1. I think u need to contact the support, if it is not showing Arabic.
      Did you buy from Arabic country or outside?

    2. Dear Ashraf my samsung tv not supporting arabic language only english and europe language what is the solution to add arabic .thanks

  8. Me too same no arabic on my Samsung tv what shall i do how to add arabic. Thanks

    1. Did u try steps in post? It should get it working.

  9. Hello Youssef quelle est ta solution s.v.p

  10. hi mr ashraf
    my tv not support arbic only engilsh frinsh and spanish
    im in usa how i add arbic
    # in movie menu i have arabic but show like ظط#|\طظط

    1. I have reviewed my TV, it has 4 languages: English, Francais, Arabic, Urdu.
      It seems the Firmware sold in the Middle East countries is different than US.
      I think you will need to update the firmware if possible of the TV, I think you need to contact the service center if this is possible.

  11. Nice information regarding Samsung TV. But i am searching for Samsung TV Customer Care Number. So please provide me customer care number.

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